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Using FreeBSD’s Tinderbox as a package builder

Tinderbox setup The machine I’m using is currently being used to test port updates. It has a bunch of jails for the -STABLE branches and a copy of the ports tree that I make changes to when testing port updates. I decided to use this machine for my package builder but this meant keeping things separated. So for package building …


FreeBSD stuff

I’ve done a bit of work on my FreeBSD ports lately. Firstly, after building my new server, I got round to upgrading from SlimServer to SqueezeCenter. This also meant sorting out ports for all the plugins I use. This didn’t take too long, and you can find them all over here. So far I’m liking SqueezeCenter, and I’d highly recommend …


“I’ll build a new server; it’s got to be easier than patching up the old one…”

A few weeks back I started having problems with my file server at home. This machine is fairly important to us; it holds all our photos, music and other files. For years I’ve been bodging it together with various old parts scavenged from other machines and some new parts when needed. But, once again, it’d started to break. Disks were …