Year: <span>2008</span>

Dovecot is a neat piece of software

For many years now (since before I started working at the University) we’ve been using University of Washington’s IMAP and POP daemons. They worked well, and (through an old bit of unsupported code) also allowed our MH users to access their email. As time went on people wanted to do more than UW’s software could offer. Things like nested folders, …


“Disc quota exceeded”

Today we saw a strange problem on our Solaris hosts that NFS mount VxFS filestore from our Veritas cluster. The users were seeing “Disc quota exceeded” messages, whilst the quota command wasn’t showing they’d hit their limit. After some digging on the cluster node we found the following error message: Sep 12 11:04:33 bes vxfs: [ID 702911 kern.warning] WARNING: msgcnt …


CSProjects Upgrade

Since launching CSProjects last year we’ve had nearly 80 projects set up on it. I’m pleased with the success it’s had so far, but I’m still surprised by people not knowning about it. Recently I’ve been trying to do more to publicise it, with some success. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent some time sorting out the upgrade …