A new camera

Yesterday we went and bought a new camera. I’ve been trying to decide what to get for ages now, and I’ve managed to go all the way back round to my first choice.

We picked up a shiny new Nikon D80 with the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens from Jessops in Canterbury. I’d already purchased a pair of Sandisk 2GB SD cards and a Hoya 72mm Protector filter online (Play.com and PurelyGadgets.co.uk respectively), since they were considerably cheaper than Jessops.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Jessops. I’ve become quite cynical in recent years and I’ve come to expect being messed about and ripped off. But, to my delight, Jessops was great. I was served by a guy called Chris in the Mercery Lane store who thankfully knew what he was doing. He was also more than happy to price match a couple of magazines I’d taken in (containing the Jessops price match promise). I made a saving of around £150 from their list prices, and Nikon are offering a further £50 cash back. So I’m a happy man.

Now I would go on to say how great the camera is, but I can’t just yet. The first reason is that it’s meant to be a Christmas present, so I really ought to leave it alone for a couple of weeks. But, ignoring the first reason, it’s been either dark or pouring with rain since I left the store, so I haven’t had much opportunity.

Roll on Christmas! 🙂