Eating out in Falmouth

Eating out in Falmouth

Since we spend quite a bit of time in Falmouth I thought I’d just quickly list some of the places we like to eat. This was originally just going to be a post about our favourite place, but I figured I’d list a few others as well.

Our number one place to go is Five Degrees West at the Arwenack Street end of town (for those that remember the old Pirate pub, it’s where that used to be). It’s a modern pub looking pub with a fairly relaxed atmosphere. The staff are really friendly and nearly always manage to say hello and goodbye as you walk in or out. The food is excellent for a pub (and probably beats a lot of restaurants too), and it has a decent selection of beverages. A lot of the food and drink is sourced locally too. Price wise it’s probably more than your average pub, but below that of a restaurant.

I’ve rated Five Degrees West as our number one place because it’s a great all rounder. It’s good for lunch, an evening meal or just a relaxing drink. It even has free Wi-Fi. So I recommend you take a visit if you’re in Falmouth, and I further recommend the Bacon and Cornish Brie Ciabatta 😉

We also have a couple of favourite restaurants which by chance are right on top of each other. They are The Warehouse Bistro and Clarks Restaurant, which are located on Custom House Quay. Warehouse has a smaller, older and cosier feel to it, and has a lovely fillet steak (I recommend the Stilton sauce). Clarks is more modern and has some nice food on the menu. Both are obviously more pricey than Five Degrees West, but worth a visit once when we’re in Falmouth.

I’d also like to briefly mention The Hut. We went there last year and had a good time, but haven’t had the chance to go again.

On the cheaper side we have a Weatherspoons at the other end of town. It was good when it first opened, but it’s starting to look a bit shabby now. The food can be variable and likewise for the service. We still go in on occasions, but usually in the evening for a drink rather than food.

No post about eating out in Cornwall would be complete without a mention of the good old Cornish Pasty (thanks pao for spotting this glaring omission!). There’s only one place to get a Pasty in Falmouth – that’s Rowes Bakery near the Prince of Wales pier. Well, there’s absolutely loads of places, but I only go there 😉

Falmouth is awash with restaurants, and more seem to be opening all the time (the old Post Office building has turned in to an Italian!). I haven’t been to a lot of them, but if you’ve been somewhere good and you happen to be reading this, feel free to leave a recommendation 🙂

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  1. Laura

    you forget the best place in the area for a good meal, great view, relaxing atmosphere, amazing value and excellent company: The Dancers Family Restaurant. Open every day! Entertainment provided at no extra charge!

  2. pao

    Well I cannot reccomend anywhere in Falmouth, but round these parts:
    Reads at Faversham, Eastwell Manor at Ashford and Kaftan House at Sturry are all very very good.

    Anyway no Pasty Parlours on your foodie list? You dissapoint me.

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