Neat tool: bwm-ng

Neat tool: bwm-ng

I recently found a neat little tool whilst looking for applications that link against libstatgrab. It’s called bwm-ng and is written by a guy called Volker Gropp. The tool itself isn’t anything revolutionary (it’s influenced by the original bwm tool), it’s just a handy way of displaying current bandwidth usage across multiple interfaces.

bwm-ng screenshot

This screenshot shows bwm-ng in action on my FreeBSD router.

It has a bunch of input methods to make it more portable, including libstatgrab which in theory might make it work on Windows. The default output method is the curses interface as shown in the above screenshot, but it’ll also do various textual formats including HTML.

The bwm-ng website gives links to a whole bunch of pre-packaged builds for various Linux distributions, and I’ve recently added it to the FreeBSD ports collection. Building from source is trivial too. 

I’m always on the lookout for handy little tools like this that just give you the raw facts in a simple and easily digested format. And it’s even better when they make use of libstatgrab 🙂

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