A new libstatgrab release

A new libstatgrab release

We’ve finally done another libstatgrab release. It’s been the best part of 8 months since the last release. Given the length of time you might be mistaken for thinking we’ve made lots of changes, but we haven’t. All this release really includes is some mostly untested Windows support, and handful of bugfixes.

I guess the problem is that we’ve hit a bit of a brick wall. Adding more features is now quite tricky; we’ve done all the common ones that make sense across multiple platforms. Adding more platforms is hard since any new ones would be the slightly more obscure operating systems (otherwise we would have done them already). Add to that our lack of enthusiasm and interest for making any radical changes and you get very little progress.

I suppose it at least works in its current state, so as long as we fix any bugs we find we’re probably keeping people happy.

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