Now what? It’s too scary to use…

Now what? It’s too scary to use…

Its been months in the making, but it’s finally done. We have our new filestore ready to go. There’s still plenty to do, like rolling it out for the teaching machines and web filestore, but at least we’ve got the main part done.

So why has it taken so long? I spent a long time researching and testing the technologies involved. For example, choosing the file system was tricky. UFS doesn’t work well on large (>2TB) file systems, and VxFS doesn’t work with NFS and Quotas. I managed to solve that one by fixing the quota issue with VxFS. There was also the issue of how we backup this quantity of filestore, and working out how we’d make it available from the cluster to the user machines. In the end we opted for a single filesystem split in to chunks on the server side for backups and used the automounter to make these divisions transparent to the end users.

The other time consuming factor was the software development stage. We have automated systems for creating users on machines, so I needed to integrate this with the new filestore. This required writing code to facilitate the creation of directories, setting up of quotas, and automount map building.

Anyway, I’ve written about this before. So now it’s done what do we do next? The logical step is to test it on myself and/or the rest of the systems group. Personally I’m in of favour testing it on everyone else first, but that doesn’t seem fair 🙂

The question is, am I brave enough to actually use it?

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