Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

I’ve known about Google Bookmarks for a while, but until recently couldn’t really see how they’d be useful to me. A single set of bookmarks on the web is great, but if you have to go to a webpage to find them it rapidly becomes too much effort. Compare this to a single click within your browser’s menu.

My Internet Explorer using friends have pointed out that it’s now integrated in to the Google Toolbar, but at the moment it’s only the IE version that has it. The new version for Firefox has many of the newer features in the IE version, but unfortunately not the bookmark functionality.

After giving up on waiting for Google to integrate this functionality in to their toolbar I decided to have a look for a Firefox extension to do it instead. Quite why I hadn’t done this before I don’t know. On the first page of search results I found this one.

It’s working pretty well so far. Sometimes it seems to be a bit fussy about the title of pages, and it’s not the best at automatic updating, but it does do the job pretty well. I’ve dropped the extension on to my menubar too, so it fits in quite nicely. It also works quite happily under all my different Firefox installations (Windows, FreeBSD, and Solaris).

This handily means I don’t need the Google Toolbar. Firefox already has a perfectly good search box, and this extension gives me the bookmark features. Sorted!

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