Sigh. Stupid array.

Sigh. Stupid array.

After all the fun the other day I was hoping for some time to work on other stuff this week. By the end of the weekend the array had finishing syncing and I’d remirrored all the volumes back on to it. It was all ticking over nicely, until this morning…

Unrecoverable Controller Error Encountered !
Resetting Controller !

After which the array disappeared. On arrival at work I power cycled the unit and it came back up without any problems (albeit needing resyncing, again). But this isn’t good enough – the unit is still faulty.

So I’ve logged the case with Sun, again. They’re being remarkably slow to respond today, despite me logging it as high priority. But, as you’d expect, they just got it within their 4 hour SLA window.

So it continues…

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