BT Exact IPv6 Tunnel Broker is back

BT Exact IPv6 Tunnel Broker is back

It looks like the BT Exact IPv6 tunnel broker is finally back up and running after being offline for a week. It seems they had a hardware failure of some kind which knocked out their whole TB operation. I appreciate this is a free service, but it’s still a pain not having it available. That said, I was reluctant to change to another broker since so far, ignoring this incident, their service seems to be pretty good:

  • Very simple to set up – no messing around with special applications.
  • UK based, so only 6 hops outside of my ADSL provider’s network, and 4 away from my hosted server’s network. In both cases it’s a single hop straight from the provider’s network on to the BT network.
  • Supports reverse DNS delegation.
  • Simple interface for setting up and modifying tunnels.

Finding an alternative to this would have been hard. Unless anyone has any recommendations?

Obviously this is not an ideal long-term solution; I still have to tunnel over the relevant IPv4 networks to get to the broker. What I really want is native IPv6 straight from my service providers. I guess I expect this sort of service more from my hosting company, and when I last asked they said it’s something they wanted to look at. For the average person, though, this is something that needs to come from the ISP, but that’s probably a long way off.

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  1. I’ve had a read about 6to4 and in principle it looks like a flexible solution. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s tied to your IPv4 address, which means if you change IP for any reason your IPv6 address changes too.

    With a tunnel broker you don’t get that. But, the downside of using a broker, as I’ve discovered, is that you’re entirely dependent on one point of access, whilst with 6to4 you’re not.

    What I’d really like is some way of an IPv6 range being allocated to me that I could then route without using a single broker. I guess that’s not going to be possible until I can at least get native IPv6 to my router.

  2. I’m using 6to4 these days, which gives you an IPv6 range based on your IPv4 address (2002:ipv4:addr::), and is pretty trivial to set up; it’s anycast-based so it should find a nearby router automatically. I haven’t played with reverse delegation yet, but it looks like you can get it set up automatically.

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