FreeBSD stuff

FreeBSD stuff

I’ve done a bit of work on my FreeBSD ports lately. Firstly, after building my new server, I got round to upgrading from SlimServer to SqueezeCenter. This also meant sorting out ports for all the plugins I use. This didn’t take too long, and you can find them all over here. So far I’m liking SqueezeCenter, and I’d highly recommend it (and a SqueezeBox, of course).

I also maintain a port for a suite of software called KRoC. KRoC is written and maintained where I work, so apart from making it available to FreeBSD users I also have an interest in supporting the work done by our department. I’ve been waiting some time for a 1.5.x release of KRoC, but I finally got impatient. I automated the production of snapshots from their stable branch, and updated the port to build from that. I also run a FreeBSD 7 machine in their buildbot system to further test KRoC on my favourite operating system 🙂

And in other FreeBSD news, I cast my vote in the FreeBSD Core elections. It’s hard to know who to vote for, but I gave their statements a good read and made a decision. Good luck to them all!

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