IPv6 connectivity – changing brokers

IPv6 connectivity – changing brokers

It’s been nearly 2 years since I intially set up my IPv6 connectivity, and back then I had some problems with the BT Exact IPv6 tunnel broker. Now it seems that without much notice the service has been taken down permanently, so I’ve just spent quite a few hours moving over to a new provider – SixXS.

My initial impression of SixXS is that it’s much more polished than the BT service was. They have many PoPs (although a tunnel is only associated with one nearby PoP), a decent website, and all the facilities that I need. They work on a credit based system which means to use a facility you need credits. You get some credits when you set up an account, and you gain more by running a reliable tunnel. It’s an interesting idea… it encourages you to look after your setup.

Handily I got some bonus credits for my work on some Open Source projects, so I got both my home network and my colo server setup in one go. The process was as good as identical to the BT service, so there were no real problems – just the tediousness of updating configs, DNS entries and firewalls.

So there we have it – SixXS++ 🙂

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